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How practice makes perfect

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what does it do?

Muscle Memory is a connection our brain makes that helps actions to come naturally. It is the cause for force of habits and repeated reflexes. Whenever you practice something, whether it be a sport, a skill or a simple action, over time muscle memory is what develops and masters tit so that the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the better you get at it. 

without muscle memory we would not have a distinguished handwriting, we would not be able to type anything as easily as we do. Any instrument we play or athletic activity we enjoy we would not be able to develop in any way without muscle memory. Habits could consist of manor isms like moving your eyebrows, biting your nails, even tucking your hair behind you ears at impulse is caused by muscle memory, after that action has been repeated so many times that it has been engrained in your brain to do it subconsciously.

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An explanation to the science behind Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is the imprint a repeated task leaves in your brain so that it knows how to do it quicker, easier and more efficiently. Muscle memory is not only movement memorizing, it also helps when building muscle mass. When your muscles learn how to gain muscle and work your muscles in the best possible way, then it develops a memory of how it is done, and then as time goes on and you continue to practice and repeat something, you can gain more muscle mass, get better technique and it will become much easier for you to continue to do something in larger amounts and for longer periods of time.

This is why when you work on gaining a skill or building up muscle, if you take a break from it and return to it at a later date it will become easier for you to pick it back up and reach your end goal at a much quicker rate because your brain already knows the pathways and best possible way to succeed. This is why the more you practice a skill the easier and better at it you get.

When a skill is learned or trained it is stored in the cerebellum. The first time you train a muscle it adapts and becomes stronger by increasing the amount of muscle nuclei, or myonuclei, within the cells of your muscles.

The reason you can pick up a skill easier is because when you stop training your muscle cells stay so when you decide to pick it up again you can skip the process of generating those myonuclei and strength gain and hypertrophy, or muscle gain, happen a lot quicker, without the need for excessive effort. This is all due to muscle memory and practising a skill repeatedly.



why i am passionate about the subject

I chose to do this subject because i have always been interested in how you brain can format a way to repeat actions and master them subconsciously.

As well as this, i am a very big guitar player and i love to learn new songs and discover new  guitar styles. This way i could not only explore my interests in the subject, but incorporate a part of it to one of my favorite activities.

Lastly, i had known about ambidexterity for a long time, and thought it was one of the most talented skills someone can posess, being able to do work, write and even draw with the same ease in both hands. I took my opportunity to practice this skill and base my project around the muscle memory that helps develop and master this skill.